Q & A for Home Schooling

  1. What is Home Schooling?
    Home schooling is Online Education Programme for enabling our students to learn from home during COVID-19 pandemic time.
  2. What is minimum requirement for joining Home Schooling?
    Student / Parent need to have Android Phone / Laptop / Desktop with Internet Connection (Broadband / 4G)
  3. Which Apps / Software are necessary for Home Schooling?
    Following Apps / Software is necessary for Home Schooling –
    WhatsApp – For communication
    TouchApp – For Homework, Homework submission and checking Homework.
    TopScorer – For Online Digital Content (Only for Std.5th to 10th)
    ZoomApp – For Live Online Class
    School Website – For all necessary information and content. http://www.sehschool.com
  4. How to get Activation Codes / Login Ids for Touch App and Top Scorer App?
    Call on school phone number – 8459255990 or parent can visit school office with mobile phone. Please note that, TopScorer is paid app, school will bear the amount of TopScorer.
  5. How to join in Zoom App?
    Online class timetable is published on school website with Zoom ID and Passcode. Visit our school website www.seschool.com for live class timetable.
  6. Is it compulsory to join in Home Schooling?
    We wish all the parents will join their child / children in Home Schooling. It is purely depending upon parents’ interest towards education of their child.
  7. Whether fee is charged for Home Schooling?
    Partially, considering the current situation of lock-down and school’s economical conditions some concession may be given at time.
  8. Is there will be any concession for old fee (2019-20)
    No, there won’t be any concession for school fee for the year 2019-20. Parent must pay old fee to continue Home Schooling.
  9. Whether Examinations / Test will be conducted in Home Schooling.
    Yes, First Unit Test and First Semester Examination will be conducted in Home Schooling using Zoom App, Touch App and Top Scorer App.
  10. Is it compulsory to pay school fee for appearing in Examination?
    Yes, Examinations will be conducted in multiple lots. Examinations will be taken as parent pay the school fee.
  11. If parent do not pay school fee (1st installment for First Unit Test & 2nd Inst for First Semester), Home schooling will be stopped for students?
    No, Home Schooling (Daily Online Class, Touch App, WhatsApp Messaging) will continue till school re-opens. Only student will not be allowed in respective examinations.
  12. If parent do not want to continue for this year, then…
    Parent need to visit school office and submit the letter. School fee will not be charged for such students.
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